Psalm 3

Thank God we can tell him what opponents of his kingdom are saying about his care for us. 'O LORD, how many are my foes! Many are rising against me; many are saying of my soul, 'There is no salvation for him in God.' Selah (verses 1 and 2).

Think about how God protects his people in a personal manner and how he can give to them a positive outlook. 'But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head' (verse 3).

Recall a time when he answered a prayer for his help when we were facing spiritual attack. 'I cried aloud to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy hill.' Selah (verse 4).

Thank God that he takes care of us when we are asleep. Thank him too that a large number of enemies cannot defeat him. 'I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the LORD sustained me. I will not be afraid of many thousands of people who have set themselves against me all around' (verses 5-6).

Sometimes, the Lord seems to be inactive in our lives. Maybe he is waiting for us to cry to him to arise. We can do that now and see what he does regarding any difficulties and dangers we are facing. 'Arise, O LORD! Save me, O my God! For you strike all my enemies on the cheek; you break the teeth of the wicked' (verse 7).

Praise God for the bigness of his salvation - it can meet the needs of all his people all the time. 'Salvation belongs to the LORD; your blessing be on your people! Selah.'

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