The destruction of Babylon (Revelation 18)

Published on Saturday, 05 August 2017 04:42
An angel announced that the day has arrived when this global organisation will be destroyed. He pronounces the complete destruction of this long-lasting city and mentions how people in general, and kings and merchants in particular, benefitted from the provisions of Babylon.

Another voice speaks. The certainty of the coming destruction causes a warning to be given to believers not to participate in the sinful practices of the earthly city. They are to remember that divine judgement is coming for all who depend on Babylon to meet their sinful needs. This warning seems to be given by God because he calls them ‘my people’. Yet the speaker also refers to God having remembered her iniquities. This looks like Jesus warning his people that the Father will one day say that the day of judgement has arrived. When it comes, it will be very severe.

What will those people lose? Everything, whether they be kings who benefitted from the wares, merchants who bought and sold the wares, or seamen who carried the wares. They will mourn deeply because everything they had built their lives on will disappear suddenly, that is on the day of judgement. The destruction of everyday life – of music, of craftsmen, of workers, of homes (lamp) and of marriages and family life – is detailed in 18:22-23.

From being the place of prosperity and pleasure, Babylon becomes nothing. It is stated by an angel than in Babylon was located the origins of the deaths of God’s servants and people. The beginning of the chapter describes the city of man in terms that look like a vast cemetery. The ones they brought death to live and she herself is devoid of all life.

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