Three lessons from the baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3)

Published on Sunday, 29 October 2017 05:08
Learn from John’s response to admire the sinlessness of Jesus. There was not much in life that would cause John to move away from a divine instruction. He was quite prepared to rebuke kings for their sins. Yet he recognised that Jesus was different from all other men because all others would have received John’s baptism if they had repented. John was reluctant to baptise a perfect person. Yet when told what to do, he obeyed, which is an indication that he truly knew who Jesus was – his Master. 

Learn from the baptism of Jesus that the Trinity is involved in our salvation. From one point of view, the anointing of the King was a simple affair. None of the great of the earth were present. Yet that does not matter because each of the truly great from heaven were there. Each person of the Trinity did something great on this occasion. Their presence reveals the great interest they had in providing salvation for their sinful people. 

Learn from Jesus his desire to bring about all righteousness. After all, it was predicted by Isaiah that a king would reign in righteousness. Jesus would live a life of righteousness, as stated in the Father’s assessment at the baptism of the thirty or so silent years, which pleased the Father. Jesus died to make righteousness available, and when we trust in him his righteousness is imputed to us. And then by the Spirit, he enables us to live a life of righteousness. 

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