Greyfriars News

Jubilee of Rev. D. K. Macleod


It was a great pleasure for the congregation to join with the Inverness Presbytery on Monday, August 24, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the ordination and induction of Rev. D. K. Macleod to the congregation of Kingussie. In 1967, the extent of the charge was from Kincraig to Dalwhinnie. Through all his years of service, he has been greatly helped and encouraged by his wife Nina.

Speeches were made first by our minister on behalf of the Presbytery and Greyfriars, and then from D.K.’s son Ian on behalf of the family. D.K. then gave a speech recalling some of the features of the years spent serving the Lord, first as minister of a congregation for twenty-six years, and then serving in various places after he retired.

dk2During his years of service, DK has been Moderator of the General Assembly (1998), Moderator of the Presbytery and Interim-Moderator of several congregations, including Greyfriars from 1999 to 2002. He was chairman of the Foreign Mission Board twice, which was very appropriate given his strong interest in the work of the Lord in other countries. Another of his denominational interests was youth work and he led four camps for them.

DK joined the congregation of Greyfriars in 2005 when the congregation of Duthil-Dores was linked to Greyfriars. He became an elder and has provided wise and tender leadership.

In describing the contribution of DK over the years of his ministry, our minister mentioned that DK has been a sage (many in our congregation and others go to him for spiritual counsel), a stalwart (loyal to a cause for a long time), and a servant of Christ who has helped many.

We congratulate him on his Jubilee as a minister of Christ in the Free Church of Scotland. We thank him for doing all he has been enabled to do by grace and we pray the Lord’s blessing on him, Nina and the family in the days ahead.