Tain and Fearn Welcome Rev. Andrew Macleod

Published on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 13:30
The congregation of Tain and Fearn moved into a new phase recently when the Rev. Andrew Macleod was ordained and inducted as assistant to their minister, Rev. Alasdair MacAulay. The congregations of Tain and Fearn were united by the General Assembly in 2009 under the ministry of Rev. Ronnie Morrison, the minister of Tain. After he retired in 2010, there was a two-year vacancy which was filled when Mr MacAulay was settled in 2012. The growing congregations have benefitted greatly from the ministry of several retired ministers, but the decision was made earlier this year to seek an assistant to share the burden of the work involved in two churches situated eight miles apart. The necessary permission was granted by this year’s Assembly, and in October the congregation called Rev. Andrew Macleod to be their assistant. Neither the Tain church nor the Fearn church at Hilton was large enough to accommodate the gathering expected, so the Seaboard Memorial Hall in Balintore proved to be suitable for the service and after a militarily precise operation involving the shifting of chairs and putting tables in place, it provided a splendid setting for the informal reception which followed. The service of ordination and induction followed the familiar pattern, with Rev. Alasdair Macaulay preaching and presiding. He spoke on the text, “whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant”, pointing out that the values of Christ’s kingdom are the very opposite of this world’s values. After satisfactorily answering the traditional questions all ministers are asked, Andrew was ordained as a minister of the gospel and officially inducted as assistant minister of Tain and Fearn. Please pray for Rev. Andrew Macleod as the Tain and Fearn congregations.

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