Answered Prayer

Published on Thursday, 16 November 2017 14:49
As we look forward to the National Day of Prayer, Angus John Maclean, an elder in Carloway Free Church, recalls how God answered his prayers during his conversion. “There are so many ways in which God has answered my prayers, but one particular moment comes to mind during my conversion. At that time I was desperately seeking the Lord and I was very aware that he had been working in my life, but at the same time I felt that I had so many questions and so many things that still weren’t clear to me. I remember one day I was longing that I would be able to speak to a Christian about all that was going on in my life and how the Lord was at work. So that day I prayed that God would put a Christian in my path who I could talk to. Later that day there was a knock at my door, and who was it but Dr George Macleod, Session Clerk in our congregation. I couldn’t believe it because he was the last person I expected to see at the door. He had come to discuss plans for an agricultural building on our croft (he was a structural engineer) but we hardly spoke about the building; we spend the evening talking about the Lord. It was a huge help to me, and I was so thankful that God answered my prayer and sent one his people for me to talk to. From then on Dr George was a great mentor to me, both when I professed my faith and when I went on to become an elder. I was really grateful for his guidance and help from that night all those years ago until the Lord took him home earlier this year. So God answered my prayer. And to be honest, I see God answering prayer every single day. Every morning I pray for my family’s safety, and when they come home at night I thank God that yet again he has answered my prayers. God is a great God.” The National Day of Prayer takes place on the 30th November, St Andrew's Day. More information can be found here -

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