Induction To Esk Valley Church Plant

Rev. Tom Muir will be inducted as the Church Planter of Esk Valley on Wednesday 27th September at 7:30 PM in St Columba's Free Church, Edinburgh. Rev. Muir had been the assistant minister of St Columba's since 2014 but has always had a view to pastor a church plant in the Midlothian area with support from the St Columba's congregation. Rev. Muir said, "While at St Columba's, I've had a particular remit to oversee the development of the Esk Valley church plant in Midlothian, south of the city." "The group started with just six adults, but over the years has grown so that there is now a weekly worship service and other discipleship opportunities. We formally launched the church in September 2016 and will celebrate the one-year mark this month. There are plenty of challenges in planting in a region with very little gospel witness, but huge encouragements also. Our desire is to reach friends & neighbours with the good news of the gospel." Tom’s period at St Columba’s has come to an end this summer, but he has been invited by the Mission Board of the church to take on the role of church planter to further the work. All are welcome to attend.

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